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What are Gold Canyon Essentials Candles?

The Gold Canyon Essentials line of candles are high quality scented candles with genuine fragrant oils added in the wax. By contrast, manufacturers of lower quality scented candles usually add less oil or lower quality artificial scents to the candles. While in bulk like at a store, cheaper candles may smell nice and strong but when you buy a single candle and take it home, the scent will often be much weaker, less interesting, and might also fade away with time.


gold canyon essentials candles

A high quality candle should have a strong and genuinely wonderful scent that will remain with the candle over a long period of time. Regarding the strength of the scent, it is not unconditionally true that higher quality candles like Gold Canyon Essentials will always be stronger. It also depends heavily on the scent itself as some smells are inherently more subtle than others. As with flavors, there are countless scents that are either inherently subtle or by intended design. Obviously, the intended effect of a scented candle is not to produce the absolute strongest scent possible as this could even become quite unpleasant.


Essential Oils in Gold Canyon Essentials – The Real Scent

The Gold Canyon Essentials candles are unique in that they use genuine essential oils directly from the actual herbs and plants. A natural essential oil is extracted from the source itself and not produced artificially or synthetically with chemical mixtures. This makes the aroma of Gold Canyon Essentials candles much more real because, in fact, in some form you are actually smelling the real thing in Gold Canyon Candles. This makes Gold Canyon Essentials particularly soothing and potent for aromatherapy as well.


Some of the Essentials Gold Canyon line of candles include:

  • “Well Being” Eucalyptus-Menthol infusion
  • “Uplift” Mimosa Rose infusion
  • “Stress Relief” Peppermint infusion
  • “Rest” Lavender Chamomile infusion
  • “Rejuvenate” Rosemary Thyme infusion
  • “Balance” Honey Oat Tea infusion
  • “Calm” Lavender infusion
  • Lavender Eucalyptus Sweet Orange
  • “Passion” Sandalwood Jasmine infusion
  • Peppermint Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary Mint


Smaller Tealights and Votive Essentials Gold Canyon candles include:

  • Sandalwood Jasmine
  • Rosmary Thyme
  • Lavender Chamomile
  • Mimosa Rose
  • Honey Oat
  • Eucalyptus Menthol


Keep in mind that Gold Canyon Essentials is is just one line of the Gold Canyon Candles and although all of their candles are high quality and beautifully scented, not all canyon candles contain essential oils as it is physically impossible to extract most scents in the form of a genuine essential oil.


Choosing the Best Gold Canyon Essentials Candle Scent

There are so many different scented candles from Gold Canyon Essentials, it can be difficult to decide on just one. Everyone has different 'tastes' in scents so naturally you will want to choose one that particularly appeals to you. Many people find scents that bring back a childhood memory, often of food, to be particularly soothing.


Match The Scent Of The Candle With The Environment It Will Be Placed In

This is a key point that many people get wrong or fail to consider. Always keep in mind where you will be placing the candle. Holiday, food, beverage, and dessert scents are wonderful in general but usually work best in the kitchen, dining room, and often the living room as well.


Such scents will not tend to work so well in the bathroom where the scent of food will not be so appealing. For the bathroom, more 'opaque' or ambiguous scents will work best. Perhaps an 'Ocean Breeze' or similar.


Likewise, in the bedroom, kitchen and dining room scents will likely end up overstimulating to be reminded of delicious food while, for example, trying to sleep at night. In general for the bedroom, something relaxing and/or romantic will be most fitting. A flowery scent, or even 'vanilla' can work well in the bedroom as well as many of the more non-specific scents.


Once again, these are just general guidelines because although most scented candles are almost universally agreeable, exact preferences in scent are still always subjective. You may even be allergic to some scents. Check out the Gold Canyon Candles Catalog tips for more information on how to care for your Gold Canyon Essentials candles.


Combining Scents of Gold Canyon Candles – Infinite Possibilities

If you wish to explore a whole new world of scents, try combining two or more different scented candles. There are literally thousands of different possible combinations you can try. As with food, each combination of scents will have its own unique character.


Perhaps in a rare case that you have obtained a scented candle with a scent you don't particularly enjoy, it may come as a wonderful surprise that you can place this candle next to a different scented candle to create a new pleasant scent in the contrast. When it comes to aromas, it is entirely true that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. That is just the wonderful nature of Gold Canyon Essentials and scents in general!


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